Active Open Source Projects

Guitar Pedals

Audio effects for electrical guitars. Port to NXP imxrt1064. Uses LVGL UI framework and either FreeRTOS or RT-Thread. Work is in progress.

LVGL for Raspberry PI

This project intends to use embedded LCD and runs standalone without HDMI Monitor/Keyboard/mouse.
There is no need to have X-server session up as this project does not rely in copying any desktop manager session.

LVGL Simulator

Makes easier to create LVGL GUI’s for embedded systems using QT-Creator. Guitar Pedal was 100% developed using this simulator.


Lua EOS is an embedded multi-task framework where the application layer can be written in Lua Scripts. It provides event driven non-preemptive Lua tasks. Lua is very light weight and suitable for embedded systems.

Video Multiplayer (FFMPEG/Qt)

Experimental App to test a ffmpeg library.

Web Game Gaminandes

This is a WIP project: this version of the Gaminandes is a port from a 2014 game developed for BlackBerry Playbook and Android.

Former Projects


A Desktop Native front-end for Mozilla’s DeepSpeech project. Autyper converts MP3 audio files to text. A simple installer is provided for Windows (later Mac/Linux); models can be friendly managed using the UI dialogs.

Open Ventilator

The Open Ventilator was coordinated by Florida University to provide low cost ventilator design to respond to the COVOD-19 demand.

Provides control for inhalation/exhalation valves and/or stepper motor; monitors pressure and tidal volume. alarms in case of unexpected parameters (unexpected pressure, A/C power down, reset and etc). UI operated by LCD (20×4 20X2 or 16×2) and 3 buttons. Main settings: BPM, duty-cycle, pressure and tidal volume thresholds.

Android Drawing App

created to teach Android Custom View during a course at Algonquin College.

Halloween Game

Created to have fun with the coworkers during company’s Halloween party.