Active Projects

MaxiVigil Cellular/Wi-Fi Alarm System

MaxiVigil Alarm Terminal version 1 is an “off-grid” solar powered device that provides 2 inputs that can be connected to generic passive open/close switches. A Door/Window magnetic switch is an example of a passive switch that can be connected to MaxiVigil terminal. Upon switch open state the terminal sends an alarm to the customer via email via cellular network. A webpage is also provided where customers can manage their alarms: enable/disable, rearm (when set to manual rearm) and check heartbeat/alarms logs.

Beta program

Varanda Labs is running a beta program for MaxiVigil Cellular verion. Selected customers will receive free of charge terminals for 3~6 months. Air time and web access will be free during the beta program duration.

Guitar Pedals

Audio effects for electrical guitars. Port to NXP imxrt1064. Uses LVGL UI framework and either FreeRTOS or RT-Thread. Work is in progress.

LVGL for Raspberry PI

This project intends to use embedded LCD and runs standalone without HDMI Monitor/Keyboard/mouse.
There is no need to have X-server session up as this project does not rely in copying any desktop manager session.

Subtitle Editor Collaboration

collaborated with the Gaupol Open Source project by implementing an interactive audio wave-form visualizer.

LVGL Simulator

Makes easier to create LVGL GUI’s for embedded systems using QT-Creator. Guitar Pedal was 100% developed using this simulator.


Lua EOS is an embedded multi-task framework where the application layer can be written in Lua Scripts. It provides event driven non-preemptive Lua tasks. Lua is very light weight and suitable for embedded systems.

Video Multiplayer (FFMPEG/Qt)

Experimental App to test a ffmpeg library.

Web Game Gaminandes

This is a WIP project: this version of the Gaminandes is a port from a 2014 game developed for BlackBerry Playbook and Android.

Former Projects


A Desktop Native front-end for Mozilla’s DeepSpeech project. Autyper converts MP3 audio files to text. A simple installer is provided for Windows (later Mac/Linux); models can be friendly managed using the UI dialogs.

Open Ventilator

The Open Ventilator was coordinated by Florida University to provide low cost ventilator design to respond to the COVOD-19 demand.

Provides control for inhalation/exhalation valves and/or stepper motor; monitors pressure and tidal volume. alarms in case of unexpected parameters (unexpected pressure, A/C power down, reset and etc). UI operated by LCD (20×4 20X2 or 16×2) and 3 buttons. Main settings: BPM, duty-cycle, pressure and tidal volume thresholds.

Android Drawing App

created to teach Android Custom View during a course at Algonquin College.

Halloween Game

Created to have fun with the coworkers during company’s Halloween party.